Privacy statement


Lappeenranta Airport
Lentokentäntie 21
53600 Lappeenranta

+358 40 7462 432

Contact person responsible for the register

Eija Joro

Information content of the register

The information to be stored in the register is: aircraft ID, maximum take-off weight, first name, last name, telephone number, e-mail address and arrival time. The information stored in the register is obtained when filling in the form.


The information is not regularly disclosed to other parties. The data is located and stored in the EU.

Registry security principles

The register shall be handled with due care and the data processed shall be adequately protected. The information is only available to those entitled to the information.

Right of inspection

Every person in the register has the right to inspect the information stored in the register and to request the correction of any incorrect information or the completion of incomplete information. If a person wishes to delete their account, all personalized personal information will be deleted. If a person wishes to check the data stored about him or to request a correction, the request must be sent in writing to the data controller. If necessary, the controller may ask the applicant to prove his or her identity.

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